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Greenpower Support

We are a small accessible company who turn unique customer requirements into well designed innovative solutions.

Our primary expertise is with Instrumentation, low-power Embedded systems, Real-time, Parallel, DSP and Network Appliance systems. However, our knowledge and abilities are extensive.

Just give us a call to discuss your needs and see if we can develop a new product or solution for you.

Product and Systems Development

We are especially experienced in developing complete systems for customers. Our extensive knowldege of hardware and software allow us to design systems, large or small and provide unique and often simple solutions. Unusually our engineers are experienced in both hardware and software design and are adept at hardware/software integration which alows us to provide efficient design solutions.

Our work includes the field of instrumentation, low-power interface and scientific systems. Routinely we use digital signal processing (DSP), real-time and parallel processing techniques. Systems have been based on low power PIC, Amtel, or ARM low-power micro-processors through to real-time multi-FPGA systems capable of processing 18 billion samples per second.

We can design digital and analogue electronic circuits developing to prototype or small to medium production runs. With our partners we can design mechanical assemblies and move to higher level production runs.

Whatever your software or electronics requirements are please don't hesitate to contact us for an informal chat or visit. We can often provide new insights and ideas for your systems or products.

For more information please have a look at our development services and examples pages.

Green low power systems

Quite a few of our recent projects have been using ARM processors, similar to those used in smart mobile telephones, to produce low power instrumentation and control devices.
If you have older instrumentation or other systems or products, perhaps based on PC hardware, or have new requirements we can design much lower power replacement systems often running Linux. These can perhaps use 3 Watts rather than 60 Watts of energy for the same work and perfromance. They are also, generally, more reliable due to their simpler hardware and software designs.